About Us

Tartan Yachts is committed to providing the highest quality yachts and expert service to our customers from the moment that you purchase one of our finely crafted boats. As part of that ongoing customer involvement, our Parts Department is available to answer your questions and assist you with any needs you may have.

Whether you are interested in refitting your boat, adding new luxury touches or need replacement parts, our team of qualified Tartan engineers and parts specialists can help you to order the right part for your exact model. When you call our Tartan Parts Department with the identification number of your yacht, we can instantly access your individual design and quickly locate the correct part. If you are interested in refitting your boat or adding new cabinetry, fittings or navigation, our team at the Parts Department can assist you or put you in touch with our Engineering Department for personalized service.

Our commitment to building prestige yachts is the reason that we offer a high level of ongoing service to every single one of our Tartan Yacht owners, whether you are purchasing a new, custom designed yacht or have a pre-owned model. Call us now for assistance with all of your parts needs.